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Olive Branch Community Ministries relaunched on October 15, 2016. Our Vision is simple: “Meeting the needs of the community.”  Our Mission is to seek to transform everyday citizens in the Clayton County community to become passionate followers of Christ for God’s glory. 


Our Core Values are:


Biblically Based – The Bible is our constitution and it alone dictates what we believe and practice.



Culturally Relevant – We want to be an effective church that is culturally relevant in the community of Clayton County.


Evangelistic – We want to have a passion for Evangelism by scriptures in Matthew 28:10-16


Church Planting – We desire to become a church planting church as demonstrated in Acts 14:21-28


Community – We want to extend an Olive Branch to the community by sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ to the unchurched in the Clayton County community.


Discipleship – We will share knowledge and provide training to the unbeliever about Jesus Christ. 


Grace – We will cultivate an atmosphere of love, acceptance, and forgiveness.



Stewardship – We will give our time, spiritual gifts, abilities, and finances to extend Christ’s kingdom.

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